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Cheddar Onion Chip Dip

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Before my sister-in-law Kate was my sister-in-law, she and I were college friends and lived in the same dorm together.  At the time (like all college girls) we were very concerned about our weight, and to combat the dreaded 15 pound yearly weight-gain, we were practicing the rules of the very popular Atkins diet.  (ew?!)  I would go to her room and we would “indulge” on redi-whip straight from the can and use a knife to cut into the “yard-o-beef” summer sausage her mother had sent in a care package (thanks Nancy!).  16 years later – I’m happy to report our taste-buds (and eating-sense!) have matured and we’re on to much better food!  If you like “Helluva Good” French Onion Dip (which is ok, if thats all there is) this homemade chip dip will rock your world – there’s truly no comparison.  When Kate comes to visit me for the weekend, or I head her way – we have an understanding… “You better have dip ready for when I arrive.”  That’s the rule and we both follow it religiously, and our favorite parts of our weekend visits are centered at sitting around the kitchen with kettle chips and cheddar onion dip, laughing and catching up.  Apart from introducing her to my brother and the thousands of fun and funny college memories we made together, she loves me most for my chip dip and chocolate cake (that’s another post coming soon!) Now I’m passing it on to you – Kate and I are confident that it will become a favorite recipe that you’ll serve up over and over again – whether you have weekend guests or not.  And hey, as an added bonus – its entirely Atkins friendly.  😉

If you’d like to see the nutritional information, click here!

Cheddar Onion Chip Dip

Serves 8
Prep time 15 minutes
Meal type Appetizer, Side Dish, Snack


  • 8oz Cream Cheese
  • 8oz Sour Cream
  • 4oz Sharp WHITE Cheddar Cheese (finely chopped/crumbled using a food processor)
  • 3 tablespoons Red Onion (finely chopped in a food processor)
  • 2-3 dashes cayenne pepper


Step 1
Let the cream cheese come to room temperature, while you chop the onions and crumble the cheddar cheese in a food processor. (process the cheese first -- then you don't have to rinse the processor bowl before processing the onions) Set aside the cheese and onions.
Step 2
Using a hand mixer, whip the cream cheese in a medium bowl until it is smooth and fluffy. Add the sour cream and whip until smooth.
Step 3
Add the cheese and onions and mix until smooth. Then add the pepper - depending on hot much heat you like -- but don't be shy! Its a great compliment to the red onion which already packs a punch of flavor. I usually do at least 3-4 generous dashes.
Step 4
This dip can be eaten immediately (serve with hearty kettle chips!) but its taste is the absolute best 24 hours later (and beyond) when all the flavors have had a chance to marry. Enjoy!
  • Kirsten


    Love this chip dip. Quick, easy, and delicious. Even better the next day.

    • tjzibell@hotmail.com

      Glad you liked it Kirsten! You’re right, the next day (and the day after that — if there’s any left!!) it just keeps getting better!

  • Kate Zibell


    I am embarrassed to admit, but I have made this dip several times just for myself. I eat the whole thing one chip at a time … it is that GOOD! And yes, it marks one of the many special bonds Tracy and I have, most of which involve food! 🙂

    • tjzibell@hotmail.com

      No embarrassment – this is comfort food at its best! There’s no family gathering where this dip doesn’t make an appearance! 🙂

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