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Handmade Flour Tortillas

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This year Cinco de Mayo and what we affectionately call “Taco Tuesday” at our house – fell on the same day.  It was like a perfect Mexican storm – and we took full advantage!  I whipped up a batch of homemade flour tortillas — because there is no comparison to store bought.  I used organic flour and chose to use canola oil for my fat – to keep them on the healthier side. They were great, but like most “healthier alternatives” they were a little different than at El Rancho (our 3 times a week favorite Mexican joint).   If you’re looking for that fully-authentic Mexican restaurant taste – use shortening for yours.  Shortening will give them that chewy, pull apart softness you are expecting.  Make sure you pair them up with my Mexican Shredded Chipotle Beef for an amazing Fiesta!!!  Enjoy!

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Handmade Flour Tortillas

Serves 20
Prep time 15 minutes
Meal type Bread, Lunch, Main Dish


  • 3 1/2 cups all purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 7 tablespoons shortening (melted) (or canola oil, or butter melted)
  • 1 cup very hot water


Step 1
mix flour, salt and baking powder in a medium bowl
Step 2
add hot water and then melted oil
Step 3
mix until combined, then use hands to knead for 3 minutes. wrap in ball of dough in cellophane and let rest for 20 minutes.
Step 4
divide dough into 1.5 ounce balls. Roll out one ball at a time - to approximately 7 1/2 inches wide. (The tortillas will shrink when they cook.) When you roll them out -- they will be VERY thin -- a bit see-through.
Step 5
Immediately put the rolled out dough on a flat and dry griddle - preheated to medium/medium high. Let cook for 15-20 seconds per side. You will see the dough bubble a little - you can pat those down, but its not concerning. Don't let them cook too long - or they will get hard.
Step 6
Keep hot tortillas on a plate under a damp (but completely wrung-out) towel - until ready to serve.

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