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New York City – Tickets to The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon (pt 1)

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2016 has been a big year for me at Chocolate Chips & Ribbon.  I spent the summer revamping the site with an updated look (have you noticed?) and I’m ready to get about the business of some seriously blogging.  In addition to that I just turned 40 (what the?) and I’m embarking on what I am calling a “transformation year”to celebrate this landmark birthday. By transformation I mean things like, getting braces, losing weight, redecorating the house and much more – all of which I will chronicle for you, the good and the bad.  So when you too hit a milestone and don’t know how to handle yourself and what it all means – you can make a list of things you want to accomplish as well. Its really just a way of coping with “entering the second half of my life” as my brother so dryly put it. #thatsdepressing

I’m excited to share with you guys all the news things I’m doing, products you should try, new recipes, and a bunch of travel tips – because one of the ways I’m celebrating is by going on as many vacations as I can.  New York City was my first stop of this blessed 40th year.

img_1377In August we returned from 4 days in New York City (this was a birthday present from my parents) and we crammed in as many great restaurants, sights and activities as we possibly could.  Of course a major highlight was going to a taping of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.  It was an absolute blast!  Our guests were Kevin Bacon, Meagon Trainor and Michael Phelps – it was such a great night! So in this multi part series of posts where I cover everything you need to know about New York City, its only fitting that I start with tips on how to get into the best show in late night tv. (this picture of my wristband is the only actual proof I have that I was there – you wouldn’t believe the security, it was insane!)

  1. The first thing you need to do is register with http://1iota.com/ … This is a really important first step, because when Fallon tickets go up for people to secure – they are “sold out” (they are free) in about 3 minutes flat for the entire month.  This means if you’re just registering right then, you will be out of luck.  So go to 1iota and create an account long before its time to try for tickets.
  2. Fallon tickets go up for people to get on the wait list approximately 1 month before the show tapes.  So if you want to go to a show in September, the tickets will become available sometime during the first week of August.  Use this link to see exactly what date the next lot of tickets will become available. Once you find out when the lot goes up, mark your calendar for the exact date and time – and be ready at your computer about 5 minutes before.
  3. On the day and time that the tickets become available, be at your computer 5-10 minutes beforehand.  Go to this link (which is where they will post) and in the upper right hand corner make sure you login first thing. Then its just time to wait.  Keep refreshing the page every 30 seconds or so until the actual time they go up.  Then refresh every 5 seconds until you see them available.  Its important that you immediately scroll to the date you want and secure your spot on the wait list.  It will tell you immediately if the dates are already sold out.  Be sure you pay attention to whether you are securing wait list for the actual taping, or just the monologue rehearsal.  They are not the same!

If you’ve made it in time, you will get a confirmation that you have been wait listed for the show of your choosing.  There’s a very good chance it will sell out right out from under your nose – and even though you did everything right, you will not get on the wait list.  Do not fear!  I can still help you get in – but that’s in part 2 of this post!  If you ARE on the wait list, you will get an email from the Tonight Show anywhere from 2 weeks before the taping, up until 2 days before the taping – letting you know if they have tickets set aside for you, or if you’ve been bumped from the wait list.

When I went through this process, I was able to get 4 tickets on the wait list for two different nights of taping during the week we were going to be there.  I was emailed 3 days before each and told we had not made it into the show with regular tickets. So we moved on to getting standby tickets – and I’ll cover all those details in part 2 on Monday!  For now – use these tips to start the process of getting into the show and email me or leave a comment if you have questions!


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