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Sunflower Wreath

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I was in Hobby Lobby this last week looking for a wreath for the front door of our house, wanting something warm and inviting, something that celebrated the crisp air of fall but that wouldn’t block the windows and natural light coming through the door. As I walked past aisle after aisle of Christmas decorations (gasp?!) I came to the lovely section of autumn wreaths and saw the price tags (gasp-gasp!). Even with the 40% off coupon you can get on any single item per day, I just wasn’t wanting to spend $50+ on a wreath I would hang for a total of 8 weeks. (fall is a short season in West Michigan – sigh)

With a few simple supplies, and an armload of floral stems I got at 50% off, I created this little jim-dandy and thought you might be inspired too!  Here’s the step by step instructions for this delightful little wreath that cost about $25 and 30 minutes to make.


Here’s what you will need:

  1. A grapevine wreath
  2. A glue gun and some glue sticks
  3. 3 sunflower stems (I used three different colors)
  4. 3 stems of fall colored berries
  5. 1 stem of spider mums bunch
  6. a roll of wire-rimmed ribbon
  7. wire snips
  8. scissors

Get your glue gun ready and warmed up. You’ll want to leave all the long stems of the berries in tact, and start by pulling all the berries to the front of the stem.  You can see in this pic the stem on the left is how you purchase it, the stem on the right – I’ve pulled all the berries to the front of the stem so the stem itself can easily be inserted into the grapevine.


Begin to place the berries around 2/3 of the wreath.  Make sure that all the berries are going in the same direction.  Insert the stem into the grapevine and find areas on the back of the wreath to wind the stem around and through to keep it in place. The stem is flexible wire so you should be able to twist it into different parts of the grapevine without needing any hot glue to keep it in place.


Next we’ll want to put on the three sunflowers.  Looking at the pic below, using wire snips, cut the heads off the sunflowers leaving a couple inches of the stem in tact.  This gives you a stable base of the flower to stick into the grapevine and glue in.


Arrange your three sunflowers on the empty side of the wreath – snugging them in close to each other so their leaves overlap.  This gives a nice tight look, and also leaves room for the bow and the mums.  Once you’ve got them arranged like you want, pull the middle one out – coat the stem nub with hot glue, and push it back into its position.  Wait 30 seconds or so before you do the same with the top one and then the bottom one.

Next you’ll cut 3-4 mums off the stem bunch, leaving the same amount of stem intact for each one.


Bunch the mums together tightly right above the top sunflower.  One by one – coat the stems with hot glue and push the mum back into the place where you had it.

Cut two equal lengths of ribbon (about 16 inches long)


Tie both of them around the grapevine right underneath the bottom sunflower.


Tie both ribbons into a bow – just like you would tie your shoes.  This will make for four loops and four ends. Snip the ends at varying angles.  Using the wire rim of the ribbon, curl the ends loosely to create the visual of more loops in the bow.img_20140915_183909


Your wreath is complete!


Now go make all things pumpkin pie spice, burn all your apple cobbler candles and put on a pair of leggings — then you are OFFICIALLY ready for fall.  As always, if you like what you see – make sure you pin it and share it!  Thanks friends — I’ll be back later this week with another post about New York City and some new fall recipes for you to try!












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