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LipSense by Senegence – Your New Obsession

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Have you heard of LipSense by Senegence? If not — today is going to be like Christmas for you. I’m going to introduce you to the thing thats been missing in your life…

For 20 years I have had a love/hate relationship with lipstick. I want to wear it – I like the “completed look” – but I hate it. Its smudgy (is that a word?), it never lasts – even the ones that promise they will, it kisses off on my husband’s lips and my son’s cheek, it gets on my teeth… the problems are endless. And then I found Lipsense.

Watch this video first – and then we’ll chat…

So lets review. She put deep red lipstick on her top lip, she put a nude lipstick on her bottom lip – and she rubbed her lips together. ANNNNNNNDDDD – and there is absolutely NO TRANSFER of color. How is this possible?! What dark magic is she practicing?!

I have become SO smitten with Lipsense. I love it, I wear it, I buy it — and now, I sell it.  Yep – I couldn’t help myself! I wanted to get a discount, I wanted to share it with all my friends, I wanted to be a part of this lipstick revolution!

It comes in over 35+ colors and the company (Senegence) has an entire line of makeup that I’m learning are equally as amazing. You know me guys – I wouldn’t lead you astray, I’m a straight shooter!  I’ll tell you what I love and what I don’t… I’m working my way through all their products to find my favorites – but I couldn’t wait to tell you about Lipsense. Its a MUST TRY.  Here’s a couple shots of different colors I’ve been trying.










That’s Lexie-Beary, a sort of dark purple/pink color. Great for a night on the town.  This one is Praline Rose – a great everyday color that’s deeper than a nude, but still in the neutral family:










Not gonna lie – I’ve got about a million more of these pictures – but I’m thinking you don’t want to see all my selfies any more than I want to show them to you.  Here’s a snapshot of ALL the colors of LipSense:










Its honestly AH-MAZING. And here’s the thing – SeneGence sells so much more than just LipSense!  Their eyeshadows are just as great, they’ve got foundations and body care, sunless tanners, blushes and brushes – its endless.

There isn’t enough room in this post for me to tell you everything you need to know.  If you want to order some LipSense and try it for yourself, email me!

Enter your email here and I’ll send you specials and discounts:

You can also join my Facebook Group – where we are talking about ALL THINGS LipSense as well as product reviews of every makeup, hair and body product you can imagine.  Join the group HERE.


And lastly –IMG_3221 and this is a big one – if you love makeup as much as I do – you NEED to join my Senegence team!  The start-up fee is next to nothing, you don’t have to fulfill any quotas, you don’t need to buy hundreds of dollars in inventory, you get DEEP discounts on any product you want, and here’s the best part – this is an UNREAL opportunity for earning potential. This company has experienced over 1000% growth in just the last 6 months, so we are in an explosive phase of growth. If you get in now while we are just starting to boom – the income potential is CR-AZY. (If someone told you you could have gotten into 31 bags 15 years ago, or Avon back when it started – knowing what you know now, what would you have done?  You know EXACTLY what I’m saying then!)

Contact me and I will tell you all about it!

You guys — you are going to love LipSense!  I can’t wait for you to try it!  Email me, contact me, join my group — lets look like bombshells TOGETHER!




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