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20130718_175112“Tell me a little about yourself” can be a pretty loaded statement.  I mean, how much do you really want to know? How do you define “a little”? For the sake of an about-us page, I’ll keep it relatively brief and try to be totally relevant to this blog.  🙂

My name is Tracy and I’m a lover of food.  I love looking at food magazines, I love trying new recipes, I love cooking for big crowds, I love the ooh’s and aah’s I get from people who try my food… you get the idea.  What’s ironic is this – it hasn’t always been that way.  In fact, my husband (Bryan) will tell you that I was in my twenties before I tried ketchup.  No… that’s not a joke, that’s actually a fact. I hadn’t tried ketchup, I ate my salads dry, I refused anything and everything with onions, peppers, spices, vegetables other than corn or peas, and even sour cream and cream cheese.  I know – its pathetic – how was I surviving?!  I was totally afraid of food.

Somewhere in my mid-twenties I was at a church event and one of the ladies had brought her homemade french dressing and under pressure of people watching I reluctantly put it on my salad.  One bite and I was in tastebud utopia!  When I asked her for the recipe (this was going to change the shape of my salads forever!) and found out it had ONIONS in it – I almost passed out.  “I don’t like onions!” I yelled at myself.  “I don’t eat salad dressing!” I screamed in my head… but soon I was slowly trying new things (with trepidation) and well, the rest is history!  So back to my first statement — I am a lover of food.  But to qualify that – I’m a lover of good food.  And believe me, there’s a difference between food, and good food.  The way I see it, if I’m going to put it in my mouth and I’m going to enjoy it, it needs to be great – there’s no sense in wasting calories and muscle strength chewing on sub-par food.  So I’ve set out to discover and create great food – that any home cook can easily whip up themselves.  I have cooked for hundreds (literally) of people at a time, catered events for churches and events and ask any of my closest friends and they will tell you I have dinner parties just for the sake of cooking and eating together.  So now, my passion has become your new place for great recipes and hosting ideas.

As much as I love food, there’s a couple of other things I’m passionate about that will also benefit you on this blog.  If I’m not dreaming about a new recipe to try or a party to plan, you’ll find me researching our next vacation. We travel and vacation a few times a year, but take weekend trips almost monthly – time away, whether by ourselves or with family and friends is as important as good food – and that’s saying alot!  So when I go – I’ll take you with me with posts about what you must do, what turns out to be a flop, and of course – where to eat!

Additionally, I’m pretty particular about how my home is decorated.  This most likely comes from the fact that my mother is a (now retired) Interior Designer, so I grew up accustomed to living in the most perfectly appointed homes – and although I can’t rival her skills (she is literally brilliant in design), I did learn a few things. So – I’ve passed them on to you in my lifestyles section.

Face & Body is where I’ll share my favorite outfits, purses, hair products and makeup. Because creativity is in my blood, I’m always trying something new – so you can be assured I’ll know which things are a total bust and which ones are worth your dollars.  I’m pretty obsessed with how I take care of my face, so I am always wanting to share with my friends what works and how to get glowing skin. And being a mom headed quickly toward my 40’s, cute fashion that is on trend and still covers all the bumps and lumps 4 decades of life have bestowed on me is something I battle with each time I step into my closet. So if I find something great that I know you’ll love – I’ll pass it on!

Other than that — I’m just a regular mom and wife. I own a small marketing firm in West Michigan, and when I’m not cooking or decorating or designing, you’ll find me at the beach with my son or playing badminton with Bryan in the backyard.  I have an incredible group of friends who are fun and like to party with us – which almost always includes a few hours singing karaoke in our basement on our “stage”.   My days can be crazy and hectic just like anyone else, but the Good Lord has blessed us with a great life for which I am so grateful.   If you want to know more, have a question about what you see, or just need to talk to me about your life – contact me here.  Oh, and thanks for stopping by Chocolate Chips & Ribbon! Come back and I promise to always have something new and fabulous for you!

Much Love!
– Tracy

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